Privacy Verklaring (AVG)

Status: Final - Version: 1.0 - Date: May.27, 2018
Addressed to our project members/volunteers/contracters

The Key2Singing foundation (K2S) maintains a copy of your contact details sufficient for us to communicate with you about our activities. Any information that you entrust us with is handled in a confidential manner.

Your details are used exclusively for the purposes intended and stated above. K2S does not share your details with third parties.
However, if you are participating in our activities as a project member, it is our common practice to share your email address and phone number with the other project members.

You have the right at any time to examine or request a change to your details that we have on record. This may be done by contacting the foundation’s secretariat via email at
On completion of a project, we destroy your application form and the details it contains. Nevertheless, we do maintain your email address with an indication of your relationship with us i.e. project singer, professional musician, artist, production assistant, volunteer etc
We use your email address exclusively to inform you about our activities, via newsletter for example, or to invite you to participate in another project, or to make use of your services (e.g. as contractor or volunteer).

You may, at any time, request to be removed from our mailing list or specifically at the end of a project, by sending us an email with the subject line: “unsubscribe from mailing list”. No further communications from us will then be sent to you.

Key2Singing is active on social media. We post photos, reports, announcements, and audio clips etc on our web pages, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram etc as appropriate. Any of these publications are carefully vetted for quality and content by the stichting before release, and are checked for compliance with privacy law. If you have an objection to publication of any item then please contact the K2S secretariat directly.

The Key2Singing foundation guarantees that, all the personal contact details that are shared with us, are stored and maintained in a safe and physically secure manner.