Who we are?

The Key2Singing foundation was established in 2010 with the objective of promoting the art of singing in the widest possible meaning of the word. We aim to organise and perform significant projects. Inherent in our working method is the cooperation at a high level between experienced amateur singers and professional musicians and other creative artists.
The educational aspect of this cooperation plays a very important role, and is carried out for example by means of specialised workshops and master classes. We perform our own research on original sources and manuscripts and on the techniques used with the voice for specific types of performance, e.g. Gregorian (or other) chant styles, Baroque opera, spiritual music etc. In addition we also record and publish CD’s and specialist musical scores

Chairperson: Dominic Doyle
Secretary: André Bruggeling
Treasurer: Ben Weber
Artistic adviser: Margot Kalse (website: Margot Kalse Vocaal)

We are a non-profit organisation.
For information see page ANBI-status.