On tour with Scarlatti!
Hey, this is really good music! - Alan Curtis

Experience the music of Domenico Scarlatti in a new way. We put the spotlight on his vocal works in an innovative performance.

Key2Singing presents opera and choral works by Domenico Scarlatti (1685 – 1757) in a single theatrical performance. A musical experience that shines a light on unknown, yet high quality baroque vocal compositions. In a newly designed format you will experience the essence of baroque music as composed and performed in Domenico’s time. The programme consists of the religious works Te Deum, Laetatus sum and Stabat Mater combined with a specially abridged version of his opera Tolomeo e Alessandro.
Stage performances at the following nursing homes and theaters; Note: Follow the link for the ticketsale!

Listen to some samples of a rehearsal performance in Rome (Santi Michele and Magnus, aka Friezenkerk) click this link!
Domenico Scarlatti is very well known for his harpsichord sonatas, however his choral and vocal works, which are of very high quality, are rarely performed and consequently not well known.
In this unique amateur – professional cooperation we bring together two different disciplines of vocal art. Our performance by talented amateur vocalists, working from original manuscripts, is supported by a team of professional musicians, directors and other creative artists. The cooperation with conductor Alan Curtis, an internationally recognized authority for the vocal works of Domenico Scarlatti, is of exceptional value.
Our production combines both genres of Scarlatti’s work into a single theatrical experience, by means of staging, lighting and animated scenery.
Our story began with the discovery of two Scarlatti manuscripts in a Portugese library. One of these was a previously unpublished Te Deum, from which we now have our own transcribed version. Our performance of this piece will thus be a world premiere (in our era).
All our singers are experienced amateurs, the most talented of whom also play solo roles in the opera. With professional coaching in both singing from the manuscripts and in the appropriate baroque style, we aim to realise an authentic as possible performance.
Our goal is to surprise you with this new and unique theatrical approach to baroque music which mixes both secular opera and spiritual music in an exciting and moving manner, such that the result is greater than sum of the parts. To realise this we are working with a very talented creative team.
The project is under the inspirational leadership of Margot Kalse, professional singer, conductor and early music specialist (see her website Margot Kalse Vocaal).
Our cooperation with conductor Alan Curtis, an internationally recognized authority for the vocal works of Domenico Scarlatti, is of exceptional value. He has produced especially for this project an abridged version of the Scarlatti opera Tolomeo e Alessandro for which we are very grateful.

Video: Jan Bauer (HAF) Editing: Jan Arie Oudshoorn
This project aims to expand the boundaries of authentic baroque music performance and we love you to be part of it.
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